Terms and conditions

The competition is open to organists of any nationality, born on or after 1 January 1981.


Application for the competition must be made on the form provided, by 2 April 2016 (postmark).


Please send the following documents:

  1. the completed application form
  2. copy of identity card/passport
  3. musical examination certificates (copies)
  4. CV with career and names of organ teachers to date; details of musical activity and any awards received
  5. photograph (9x13 cm or digital)
  6. confirmation of payment of the entry fee of 60.- EURO (or 60.- CHF)
  7. a high-quality audio CD recorded by the applicant and containing the preselection programme in the order stated. The recording may not be in any way post-processed, and must state the specification(s) on the organ(s) used for the recording. A formal declaration should be signed, to the effect that the applicant is in fact the performer of the recorded works and that the recording complies with the requirements stated above. The CD remains the property of the International Rheinberger Competition and will not be returned.
  8. a list of the works chosen for each round


All applicants will be informed after 1 May 2016 whether they have been admitted to the competition.

The entry fee will not be refunded, whether in the case of non-admission or of later cancellation.

Further information

Participants may apply for a travel allowance, stating reasons, but there is no entitlement to such an allowance.

The International Rheinberger Competition will provide each participant with a hotel room free of charge, for the duration of his/her participation. All participants will be provided free of charge with breakfast and evening meal on each day of their participation.

Competitors may bring a registrant, who, however, may not be a former or current teacher of the competitor. On request, we will provide a registrant; this request should be made together with the application for the competition.

Parts of the competition may be recorded and broadcast by radio or television, or photographed for the press; the International Rheinberger Competition reserves the right to use the radio recordings for a CD publication. Competitors agree to waive any rights or fees relating to these recordings.